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Premium Yoga Mat. Dual layer construction: 100% natural cork & rubber. Heavy metals free (Rohs Compliant). Ideal for any yoga style or pilates.


The Crown Jaguar design is exclusive of Shilam Yoga® and Animal Karma®.




  • Lenght: 183 cm | 72.0472 in
  • Width: 61 cm | 24.0157 in
  • Thickness: 5 mm | 0.19685 in


SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: To maximize the non-slip feature of the cork and jute mats, it's recommended to moist the contact area. We recommend to use a wet cloth or a spray with essential oil to make the practice more enjoyable.


Cork Yoga Mat "Crown Jaguar"

SKU: SYAK-C-01-00
  • To ensure a long lasting life for your yoga mat, it's necessary to clean it regularly with a wet cloth and to let it air dry, preferentially in a shadow or avoiding direct sunlight. We recommend you to store your yoga mat in a dry and cool place.


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